Making sense of the world through media

Three brothers explore their favorite movies, books, comics, and games, and the impact they've made

Kevin Zdenek

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Chris Zdenek

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Episode 03 – DESTINY

I’m so grateful I’ve never been told my destiny. According to stories that have a prophecy there’s no way around it. Imagine like Oepidus Rex you were told you’re destined to kill your father and marry your mother. Of course you do whatever you can to avoid the prophecy coming…

Episode 02 – LOVE

This week our topic was love, and we know whatever we have to say has been said before and said better by countless poets and singers and actors… basically Enrique Iglesias… you should just ask Enrique Iglesias. So we looked back at pop culture to find the roots of our…

Episode 01 – HOPE

In our first episode we're discussing different media that inspires HOPE. (And yes, there will be talk of Star Wars.) We don’t have a complete transcript of our episodes. Instead, I thought I’d reflect on any connections I made through our conversation. While I decided what piece of pop culture…